Multi Pass Informations

Multi Pass scheme


The Multi Pass is a multi-activity offer developed by the Portes du Soleil, with the aim of boosting the summer season. This multi-activity card is a commercial argument made available to every accommodation provider in the area: within the framework of a stay in my establishment or flat, the holidaymaker can enjoy more than 70 activities for €3 per day. An unbeatable price and an unbeatable argument!

Buying this card means substantial savings for the holidaymaker, which can easily be estimated at €20 per day and per person!

In order for the holidaymaker to take advantage of this offer, the accommodation provider simply has to be a member of the Portes du Soleil Summer Development and Promotion Association.


What is the Multi Pass?

The Multi Pass is a card that gives the holder unlimited access to a range of activities during their stay: pedestrian lifts, swimming pools and lakes, ice rinks, tennis, tourist trains, cultural sites and public transport (Balad'Aulps Bus, Colombus and TPC from Troistorrents).

Who is the Multi Pass for?

All holidaymakers who wish to enjoy the pleasures of the mountains for a modest price.

3 formulas to choose from

- 3 €/day for holidaymakers staying with a member accommodation provider with a minimum of 2 days.

- 14 € or CHF 17/day for holidaymakers staying at a non-member accommodation provider.

- 100 € or CHF 110 for the season pass (nominative card with photo). The Multi Pass is free for children under 5 years old.

The hands-free card (Multi Pass holder) is compulsory and non-refundable for each holder, at the price of 1.50 € (CHF 3). It can be reused in winter or summer.

When is the Multi Pass valid?

The offer is valid from 24 May to 3 November depending on the opening hours and availability of the resorts and activity providers.

What services are included in the Multi Pass offer?

Find the complete list of activities available with the Multi Pass on our website:

Other advantages of the Multi Pass Portes du Soleil card

In most resorts, a large number of service providers offer a 10% to 50% discount on presentation of the Multi Pass card, which is another reason to offer this card to holidaymakers!

Membership of accommodation providers

What are the conditions for membership of the Multi Pass?

For Multi Pass holiday packages:

- Be a member of your tourist office

- Pay the membership fee of 17 € /per bed (approved or officially declared accommodation capacity) if paid before 31 May 2024:

- 19 € between 1 June and 30 June 2024

- 27 € from July 1st 2024

- Paying the tourist tax

For the Multi Pass Saison packages:

Since summer 2021, offer an all-inclusive package to your customers! You can obtain Multi Pass season passes to offer to your customers during their stay in your establishment. The conditions are as follows:

- Be a member of your tourist office

- Pay the season pass at the price of 50 €/bed (100 € public rate) only for half of your approved capacity (example: if you have a capacity of 6 people, then you can take 3 season passes which will be equivalent to 150 € of membership)

- The 1.50 € hand-free card is to be paid at the cash desk when collecting the pass (Tourist Office or Ski Lifts depending on the resort).

- Paying the tourist tax

Your selling point? The Multi Pass offered for a stay of 2 nights or more in my establishment! You offer the Multi Pass to your customers as soon as they arrive, they will no longer need to go to the ski lift ticket office or pay an additional sum for the purchase of passes.

What does this mean for you? Simplicity and efficiency! You give the Multi Pass to your customers as soon as they receive their keys, no more paper vouchers. We advise you to pass on the cost of these packages in your rates. Remember to note down the package references when you distribute them. In case of loss, the pass will be cancelled and reissued; only the cost of the free hand card will be lost.

 The Multi Pass season passes are issued in the name of the establishment. They are valid from 08/06/2024 to 08/09/2024*, and can only be sold to the establishment's clients for a minimum stay of 2 nights. * Depending on the opening dates, times, availability and conditions of the participating service providers.

What do you mean by bed?

This is the total approved sleeping capacity of your accommodation. As an indication, a double bed, a sofa bed and a camping pitch represent two beds. The sleeping capacity to be declared is that which appears on your prefectural classification document and which you have communicated to your Tourist Office.

Specific advantages for accommodation providers

Each member accommodation provider can benefit from the purchase of 2 Multi Pass season tickets at half price: 50 €. This reduction will be granted at the ski lift ticket office on presentation of your receipted invoice.

The Multi Pass for holidaymakers
How to identify partner accommodation providers?

The list of member accommodation providers is available from the beginning of May on our website:

How do holidaymakers find out about the activities included in the Multi Pass offer?

An activity guide is available in all tourist offices and at the ski lift ticket offices. All information is also available on our website

Members can be recognised on site by a "Multi Pass Portes du Soleil partner accommodation" sticker.

Can holidaymakers take the Multi Pass whenever they want?

The Multi Pass must be taken for the full duration of the stay with the participating accommodation provider, with a minimum of 2 days. However, some flexibility is accepted as to the beginning and end of the stay. A family arriving on Saturday evening and leaving on the following Saturday morning can take the Multi Pass on Sunday morning (D+1 after their arrival) until the following Friday (D-1 before their departure). This allows holidaymakers to avoid paying for Multi Pass days that they will not be able to use.

Is there a minimum length of stay to benefit from the Multi Pass?

The Multi Pass cannot be issued for less than two days (i.e. 6 € / person).

Can paragliders benefit from unlimited access to the pedestrian lifts with the Multi Pass?

Yes, of course!

Can mountain bikers also benefit?

On presentation of a Portes du Soleil mountain bike pass, and when staying with a member accommodation provider, mountain bikers can benefit from the Multi Pass free of charge for a period equivalent to that of the mountain bike pass (excluding the mountain bike season pass).

How does the holidaymaker obtain the Multi Pass?

Holidaymakers staying at a member accommodation provider obtain their Multi Pass from the ski lift ticket office only on presentation of the holiday code given to them by the accommodation provider. At that point, they pay for the compulsory hand-free card.

Multi Pass collection points:

- Ski lift ticket offices:

o Avoriaz

o Châtel

o Les Gets

o Morzine

o St-Jean d'Aulps

- Tourist offices :

o Abondance

o La Chapelle d'Abondance

o St-Jean d'Aulps

Method of delivery of the Multi Pass

According to the characteristics chosen by the accommodation provider, the Multi Pass will be delivered́ :

- by the accommodation provider via the B2B sale of its resort or offered to customers via the season passes

- by the cash desks of the ski lifts of his resort

- by the holidaymaker himself thanks to online sales via pass recharging or withdrawal from automatic machines